Driespoort Shopping Retail info

Are you a retailer or aspiring retailer looking for an ultra-strategic location for your business? Driespoort Shopping Deinze offers the perfect solution.

Driespoort Shopping Deinze is currently being built in a highly strategic location in Flanders. Deinze is situated west of East-Flanders and is a very strong economic region. The 9,000m2 site being developed in close collaboration with the city administration of Deinze will offer plenty of housing, shopping and employment opportunities from spring 2015.

Ultra-strategic location with strong growth prospects

  • Deinze, principal city in Leiestreek in East-Flanders, 30,000 inhabitants
  • Thriving city and various urban development projects (Deinze 2020) are boosting Deinze’s shopping appeal
  • Situated on the newly constructed Dries junction, right by the E17 (Kortrijk-Ghent) exit and the city’s main access road
  • Within 3 minutes’ walking distance of the station with daily passenger traffic of 2,000
  • Junction used by 15,000 to 20,000 people daily
  • 30,000 residents within a 5-minute radius, 120,000 within a 15-minute radius
  • Population growth (13% by 2030) offers opportunities in terms of percentage of people shopping locally

A site with special architecture based on flexibility, environmental friendliness, convenience and with an eye for strong commercial opportunities

  • 9,000m2 shopping site, divided over six large shopping units
  • can be split up to allow for bigger and smaller businesses
  • architectural style with authentic bricks, giving the site a stylish and warm look
  • 300 parking spaces
  • green pedestrian boulevards provided
  • complexes comply with the strictest EPB standards, both floors and outer walls are insulated
  • 5-metre storeys, option of mezzanine floor creating an even greater sense of space
  • for strong personalisation of every building, a closed outer wall of 2m around the building has been fitted with LED lighting
  • in the future, the site will be managed by a manager, to manage and develop weekly fun & leisure activities
  • personal transport facilities: Blue-bike points for shoppers between Driespoort and city centre, charging points for electric cars
  • for online shoppers: a BPost parcel machine, open 24/7

Interested in retail opportunities?

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Overview shopping units and associated housing Driespoort Shopping Deinze

Six shopping units will be erected on a 9,000m2 site. All shopping units can be split up flexibly and are fitted with a sectional door. Central escalators and pedestrian boulevards give visitors quick access to various shopping units. A central car park with 300 parking spaces is provided. The sixth shopping unit will be positioned opposite the shopping centre, in the same architectural style. This will create an ‘entrance gate’ as it were, making Driespoort Shopping Deinze a separate part of the city with its own identity. 

  • Unit A:
    • Ground floor:
      • 300m2 shopping space situated on the road side, 5m high
      • 2,000m2 with separate access at the back of the car park, 5m high
    • 1st floor, mezzanine style:
      • 5 open-plan apartments with flexible layout to allow for changing family needs, with road-side entrance

  • Unit B:
    • Ground floor:
      • 1,880m2 shopping space, 5m high
    • First floor:
      • 1,400m2 shopping space, 5m high, adjoining
      • 300m2 terrace
      • ground floor and first floor have a fabulous glass entrance leading to the shops, situated on the side of the car park, with the central escalator in the building being instantly visible. Stairs, a glass lift and goods lift offer a range of access options to the floors.
    • Second floor:
      • multipurpose space covering 1,000m2, 4m high
      • surrounded by glass with panoramic views of the city
      • 600m2 terrace
      • suitable for multiple uses, such as business centre, medical centre, fitness centre ...
      • flexible layout with separate entrance on the road side
      • 1st and 2nd floors can still be connected to each other
      • goods lift up to 2nd floor

  • Unit D:
    • 880m2 shopping space, existing unit will be completely rebuilt in accordance with the style and quality of the site
    • this shopping space also has its own parking spaces in front of the building in addition to access to the big car park
    • access and ample storage facility at the back of the building

  • Unit E:
    • 800m2 shopping space
    • will be situated in the extended part of unit C
    • like unit C, unit E has its own parking spaces in the front and access and ample storage facility at the back of the building

  • Residentie Driespoort:
    • Residentie Driespoort will be built on the other side of the road with 2 floors comprising about 7 luxury energy-efficient apartments
    • on the ground floor, there will be a 600m2 shopping space, 4m high
    • the building will be in the same style and of the same quality as the site
    • same style of buildings on both sides of the road
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